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Oil leak with crankshaft, idling problem, crack in radiator
Also same question with radiator crack. All problems happened in short period of time.
Also crack in radiator could it be tampered with. Car repairs happened all at once in short period of time?
Also car doesn't inch forward when foot is off brake and gas pedal also brakes become very touchy and stiff
please provide a photo of the location or diagram
I have 160,000 miles on car. Problem occurs usually after it has run then it is parked for 10-20 inutes then the problem starts. When I press on accelerator the engines chugs as if choking or hard to get gas to engine...
The lights will come on in the button and stay lite if working but these would flicker an not come on well our mechanic can't see anymore so we have got go find another on there is cracks in the back of these buttons ...
My car recently experienced the P1457 code, and it was determined the EVAP Control Canister Vent Shut Valve Solenoid needed to be replaced. It was replaced, and now when I first start the car, and accelerate it overs...