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car starts sometimes. turns over wont start runs good when it starts
recently, got rough transmission only when car used over 30 min
My brother changed the plugs and wires on his 2000 accord and now its not firing...what could it be
i tested my car with a obd scanner and it popped up this code ? is my car ok to drive ?
l thought it was the park brake when I pulled it up it became brighter. when I put it back down, it still remained red. what is this. it just came on yestweday 4 12 2015.
My taillight on my passenger is broken and that is the side it drains out of when I open it.
We are unable to completely lock the hood. The letch under the hood works fine, but the letch under the dashboard, once pulled to unlock the hood, does not catch to lock the hood once the hood is dropped to close.
also I would like to know the cost of the valves?
car is making a loud roar from back of car. it has been cold and below freezing. after going thru a small mud puddle, noise starts getting loud after about 30 mph
I have replaced the ignition switch and key lock assembly. I get 12 volts on the battery as I checked it with my multimeter. What happens is that I can turn the key and nothing. I turn it again and a couple of times l...
When I Turn The Key Over, It Tries To Crank, But Wont. I Have Found That If I Turn The Key To The On Position & Just Wait, It Will Eventually Make A Noise, Which I Believe Is The Fuel Pump From what I Have Read. Then ...
Has gone into gear before, but mostly makes a grinding gear noise. Auto trans