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I think its a solenoid problem its slipps in 1st an 2nd gear when in 3rd it drives without slipping but the rmp keep raising high like 5 an more just going like 35 an don't go down till I slow down an starts to downs...
or if I'm setting still with the engine idling then turn the a/c off the engine goes dead
Need catalytic converter covers, left engine mount, oil ring seal leaking. Wondering if I should get the car repair completed at this stage of its age.
What po code p0745 on a Honda accord ex 1999 4cyl.
Done fuel pressure check good on that. change distributor new plugs checked sensor under valve cover for screen plugging
now I have a misfire on 2,3,and 4. I had a compression test done and all had good compression except for cylinder 4 , what is wrong with my car. please help me out.
Resister R1 is burnt. any one know the specs on R1. I'm thinking I will try replacing R1. Found loose ground on battery and on engine fuse box. Any advice is appreciated
The sun roof wont work the windows wont roll up or down the gears with shift if I stick the release key in theres an anti theft have checked the fuses fine. will start if I use a screw driver on starter but wont shift...