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How do I get the maintenace required light to go off after I change my oil?
where exactly is the knock sensor located on a 1999 honda accord ex. I'm trying to replace it. thanks
I was pulling in my car to park in a small apartment parking, I pulled in and the bottom front bumper hit the cement block on the ground (where you park). So the front bumper partially fell off. Does anyone an estim...
Hello, I wanted to get a ballpark figure for a motor replacement in the air vents. Honda dealership calls it a blenda motor or something like that and has flaps on it. It's getting weak so there is no air coming ou...
It has gradually gotten worse,i can only get up to 35 mph or so flooring it. ive just changed oil ,the spark plugs should still be good, it has a ram intake which has a new filter, i am using a hydrogen generator whic...
oil and water starting to mix
When I turn the key, I hear a single click sound and engine won't start. No continuous clicking at all. When I try again after a few seconds (sometimes after a 1-2 min), then engine starts fine and the car runs as usu...
how to change front brake rotors
what are the hours to remove and replace the gasket
the car cuts off and useally stats right back up
I accidentally hit the car underneath by going on a center median in the middle of a parking lot (it was almost like a sidewalk-but diving the center of the parking lot) and the plastic from the front (underneath)came...
Hi, The gear knob of my Accord has come off. How much cost will it take to get it fixed?
The drivers side electric seat does not work to move the seat forward and backward. It still works to move the seat up and down and the tilting of the seat still works. What should I do?
honda heater core replacement diagram