My car sat for about 2 1/2 weeks when I was on vacation. The first time I used it after that, the idle went up and down when I was in park or neutral. After a few minutes of driving, the check engine light came on, but the weird idling stopped. My car has been driving and acting totally normal since then- I've taken it out a few times for substantial drives, no problems, no weird sounds, nothing. But the check engine light is still on. I took it to have the code read and it was "P0505" and the mechanic told me they needed to replace the IACV, which would run me $300. But I have **no** symptoms of a bad IACV anymore. Could the valve be dirty? Do I really need to have it replaced?


emission light stays on. gas valve checked and it is ok

We llive in Indiana where the use salt in the winter on the roads. My gas line is leaking badly and needs to be replaced. Hou much should it cost?

Some swell guy racing in a Jeep ran me off the road into one of those log fences on a country road.
the car has been running well, but the light is smashed in, and the area around the light looks like the Hulk sucher-punched my headlight. Ballpark, how much do you think this will coast?

i want change this in december in houston,tx. i dont have problems now but somebody told me that i need change every 100000 miles and my car has more than 150000

Cost of replacing throttle position sensor/switch for 99 honda accord 4 door.

cabin air is very smelly

Just reset my trip A&B display after refueling and when I arrived home my mileage display was showing all 1's. Was showing correct mileage and in about 6 miles the mileage disappeared.

When I back up in reverse my car makes a high pitch squell noise.

i took my car to the mechanic he told me that i needed a tune up. Because the newer spark plugs would stop the engine misfire. After only two days of driving the check engine light is on again. What could the problem be

The driver's side door won't stay open when stopped on an incline. The door checker no longer resists gravity pulling the door closed. How do you replace the door checker?

The brake lights only work intermittently. The automatic transmission can't be shifted out of park except by depressing the shift interlock release on the console. Rapidly and repeatedly pressing the brake pedal occasionally turns on the brake lights and releases the shifter.

my 99 honda accord will not run over 4000rpms.everything runs good as long it stays under 4000rpms.when it would get low on oil it would start doing that oil leaks are fixed and oil level stays good it does it all the time.the oil sending unit was changed also

What is the weight reccomendations for this car ?

Example: 5W20 , 5W30 , 10W30 , 10W40 ?

Car was not driven for approx. 5 months. Started it up; no problem. During idling approx. a couple minutes; the engine began to rev up and then down, between 1K - 2K; in which I turned the engine of. Repeated starting the engine again and after a minute or so; the reving started again. Parking brake was on, trans on Park. I tried to step on the accelerator but it appears to be 'stuck' despite the engine reving. Turned it off. Therefore, what is the problem and how do I resolve? Thank you.