While backing out of a parking spot the reverse gear worked fine. Upon braking and selecting D4 to move forward there was no forward gear. I then selected reverse and it no longer reverses. I checked the fluid and while it appears in need of a change the amount of oil is fine. Any ideas out there?

The spare tyre is surrounded in water. Where is the leak coming from. Its also not wet on the top just under the cover in the trunk. Thanks

When pulling off from a stopped position, the transmission fails to shift into gear; instead the transmission down-shift, but this is an automatic transmission. During a cold start the transmission shifts fine, but the engine get warm it begins stalling or down-shifting. The vehicle continues to move forward, however, sometimes shifting in into reverse after having stopped the vehicle will move in reverse.

What is the best way to remove this broken spark plug without remove the head,nothing but the threads left in the hole.Any good suggestion will be real helpful.

I Change both front tires and balance them out, also my passenger side tire hits the body when I brake fast so the tire scrapes the inside plastic. any help on how I can fix this? Thanks.

Motor jumps when BEIN put in gear also

tranny is bad need it replaced

Even after it warms up it still doesn't completely stop what causes this