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what that mean and how to fix it.
something cutting my fuel off.set about 30 minutes start right back up,may be
i have put on 3 converters since I bought the car new 98 accord EX - the check light is on. what is Port 1? That was the code when I had it checked at Advance Auto. The car only has 126,500 miles on it. Thanks!
i need to know approximate labor times to r&I engine... no adds, just r&I...
1998 Honda Accord Question: motor support on my 1998 Honda Accord V6? cost I don't it on the list
I don't see the motor item on the list provided.
The car starts, but there is no throttle response driving.
I have no heat and all the normal things have been checked or replaced
I have a 1993 ford exporer sport 4.0 and need a smog check; however, the engine light won't go off. I took it to several smog places. It Diagnosed with codes 214 and 556 (Mass Air filter sensor). I fixed the 556; how...
It is vibrating. My old one was not vibrating; however, a Star Smog Check Station person told me I had to put in s new one. Now it is vibrating something awful. Please advise. Thanks in advance.
I replaced the fuze that didnt fix it, I took it to a mechanic they charged me $400 for a new fuze box. Which fixed the problem for about 2 weeks now they are out again. Also the 2 dim headlights that do work are flic...
someone ripped out the place where my keys go and tried to steal my car how can i start my car i only have liability insurance i need a free fix