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I keep replacing the brake switch and it blows every one to two days. Ehat can be causing this to keep happening? Is something draining it? I cant get the gear sgifter out of park when this happens either. There is no...
My Honda Accord LX 1998 cuts out on me while driving the car shuts off and I am forced to the side of the road Can you help me Is this a reported problem What can T do to remedy the situation?
i,m trying to find out why my drive 4 light is blinking, i think it is a sensor,
Opened car with keyless button on key ring. Engine cranked once then just quit, liked a fuse has blown. Now when you turn key NOTHING, no control lights, no crank, totally black. Went to lock the car with lock butto...
I like to know what the code mean and how to correct it.
Car drives ok. Up-shifts smoothly but jerks when you come to a halt and it shifts into 1st. Mounts are ok. Replaced "lock-up" sensor but problem persists.
I have a 1998 Accord EX (Automatic/V6). From rest, it takes quite a bit of RPMs to get the car to go (4000 +/-). Sort of like when you are driving a manual and you push in the gas while letting off the clutch too slo...
EGR flow insufficient,who can i fix this problem
what that mean and how to fix it.
something cutting my fuel off.set about 30 minutes start right back up,may be