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Can I refill the A/C using the can of R134 sold at most automotice stores? How do I do this?
I have a 98 honda V6 and a 98 honda 4 cylinder and I need to get a new one on my V6. Can these two exchange?
Just purchased used. Has 123,000 miles and steering wheel slightly vibrates at idle. Car needs an alignment - right tires are worn. Going to get alignment and tune-up. Hoping this helps lessen idle vibrations. Coul...
After warming, my 98 honda 3.0V6 idles up and down.It also has a hissinng sound coming from near the throttle body.What could be my problem? I was told it could be my intake manifold gasket
my car idles up and down with a loud hissing sound near the throttle body, could this be the intake manifold gasket?
It is true that we have to replace anti freeze every 24,000 mile. If so this is a DIY job.
I believe my '98 V6 accord is getting less mileage. Any suggestion how to increase. I was reading article in AOL.com/auto the other day. To increase fuel economy, we have to do fuel injection cleaing. Is this one way ...
drivers door won't open, hit the electric open button and the knob pops up but door stays shut. what to do.
i'm not certain if i need a new battery or if it's the starter or alternator. when i start the car,it makes a clicking sound and takes awhile to start,but,then it does
The Horn, Cruise Control or Audio Buttons on Steering Wheel no longer work
New battery two months ago. Turned key--no sound; third time it started. After next stop, turned key 20 to 30 times before it started. Since then, it has started every time.
While i was driving i try to lower down the window.All of a sudden the whole system and the glass came down so fast and the noise scared me.When i got home i removed the door padding and checked inside i saw bolts,scr...
No problems with the timing belt now; just don't want to spend money unnecessarily if not needed.
My windshield washers slowly began to stop working until now they don't work at all. I checked my Haynes manual but it has nothing in there about checking or replacing. I'm pretty sure its not the nozzles that are c...
the check engine has came on. when i went to get a diagnostic check it said that the evaporate tank leak. where is it coming from?