Every so often the engine will die for no reason. There is no sound or anything. I shift into neutral and start the car and keep going.

p0420 Cat Efficiency below threshold, p1706 manufacturer specific code, and p1456 manufacturer specific code are all in. Approximately how expensive are these problems? Thanks

Hey, I was working on my car today and was changing the spark plugs and found there was some oil in side the hole. I was wondering how much it would cost to fix the problem, to change cam cover gasket and o-rings.

I was able to replace the clock bulb, pretty easy. This bulb is behind the climate control center that is in the same housing above the CD/Radio.... with a fake wood faceplate. I can't find the way behind it and my hand will not fit through the clock slot. Should I be looking for the same tiny little bulb unit as the clock has? How do I find what I'm looking for??

I am going to replace the faulty Therma switch A for the cooling fan. It has been determined it is the problem, and I have the new part. Is there anything special I need to know when I pull the old one and put in the new one?

Needs about $3000 in mechanical alone. Has rust hole on border of trunk and dark spots on roof due to clear coat disappearing. (may be another $3000 to repair and paint whole body) Worth fixing the whole thing an keeping for few years? anyone done this? suggestions/ideas.

My power locks don't all open sometimes. The passenger lock on driver's side does not unlock at all unless done manually.
Dome light doesn't go on sometimes. Alarm sets off by itself sometimes when I am sitting in the car with the engine off and valet key in the ignition.
Any of this related to each other? Anyone know the causes?

This has happened 3 times recently. It's always been after I've been sitting in my car for about 20 minutes after unlocking it. Key is in ignition, in "off" position, using valet key. Alarm sounds suddenly. Can't turn it off by starting engine. Only turns off by unlocking door from outside with key. My remote is broken.
Anybody knows what causes this? I was told that is is possibly a way to notify driver that valet key is in ignition?

i need to replace my seat lever so i can recline my seat .where can i purchase one at?

Probably not the right place to ask this, but I'm gonna give it a shot. The 1998 Honda is notorious for a TERRIBLE clear coat that peals, cracks, flakes, overall looks terrible.
I have one of these.
What is a reasonable price for a new paint job for the entire car? Would just a new clear coat be cheaper?

Recently my "check engine" light lit up and was diagnosed as needing a new catalytic converter. I was quoted $700+tax. Then they came back to tell me that since the "A & B Pipes" had been previously welded together, I needed to have those replaced as well. This would now cost me $1,700+tax. H have no idea what the A & B Pipes are or how they got cut apart. The mechanic said some muffler shop probably cut them apart. I have owned the car for 9 years now and never hear never taken it to a muffler shop. I HAVE had the ERG (?) valve cleaned the last 2 times the check engine light went off. That seemed to fix the problem then. Since I live in Asheville, NC, we are required to have an emmissions inspection (next due in September) in order to keep our registration.
I guess my question is this: what are the A & B Pipes and do they along with the catalytic converter HAVE to be replaced? Does the ERG sensor have anything to do with this? How much is a reasonable price to pay for all of this? Help!

We got a 1998 Accord for my Daughter and have had issues with the Instrument Cluster panel Lights. The lights for running at night will not come on at all. I believe I have checked all the fuses for this panel but am not sure. I have removed the cluster and put in another Cluster but it still doesn't work. I have also replaced all the bulbs. Every other light in the Instrument panel works properly except for the Main Illumination lights. Antone have an idea????

My Honda Accord Ex has 120,000 miles, engine light came on2 days ago. I took it to autozone and they said it's the O2 sensor or the Catalytic convertor.How much should it cost to repair? Just bought December 18,2010. I have a 3 month warrenty that says it covers the engine & transmition, However they garentee inspection and it will fail because of the light.I was wonderring the cost if I get stuck with the bill. Autozone definition: Catalyst system efficiency below threshold bank 1 probable cause:

1. A/F ratio concern
2. Air leak near HO2S(Heated oxygen sonsor
3. Ignition System concern
4. Faulty catalytic converter

Can someone give me an estimate of what it would cost to replace the IAC valve (Honda part 16022P8AA03). I would appreciate it if you could break out the labor from the parts cost.

This would involve removing the throttle body, replace valve and service throttle plate.

Cost of Timing Belt Kit