This problem just hppened unexpectedly May 14, 2011

My 1999 accord V6 is kicking out a P05050 or is it P0505 Saying Idle management control problem but it hasn't got a TCV valve. I guess just unplug the AIC valve and see what happens?

Hi guys, I have a car, but I never drive it. Coz I can commute with the train to go to work and also driving my wife's car.

I'm planning to buy my car insurance and put PNO for DMV registration since I dont drive my car anymore coz I dont want to sell my car.

My question is, Is that OK for accord 98 if I dont drive it for a year? I just park it at home, but I keep warming the engine once a week without drive it at all. Thank you very much

when driving going from 1st to second it gets hard to go from 1st to second

How much can I expect to pay for a front wheel bearing replacement. I had an estimate for $267.00 this seems a little high.

ECG valve has been replaced 11 months ago,just isn't opening enough.

have to add water to often when i take off radiater cap i see no circulation in the water

what parts are needed for a 1998 honda accord ex v6 coupe

what does it mean when your d4 is flashing on the dashboard

the d4 light is flashing on the dash

What is the cost to replace rear struts on a 1998 Honda Accord

I just need to know the cost.

the vibration started after changing the front and rear engine seats.

is there an oil pump belt in 1998 onda accord 4 cyl

I was told my cat cost is $450 my labor $94 & my diagnostic charges $203. Can this be fair?