Lube place changed my oil and 180 miles later it had lost 3 qts. Brought back and they "discovered" crack in oil pan about 3 inches long starting from outer ridge of bung hole. Stated that it was NOT done by them. Pan is not rusted at all, They repaired it with JB weld but I dont trust it. How much would it cost to replace oil pan, are they available new for my 1997 and Could there be any other explanation than they over torqued the bolt and cracked the bunghole?

I have been having problems with a the idle ever since I accidently started the car with the MAP sensor unplugged. Ever since then the car has idled very low, just over 500 rpm. I bought a new MAP sensor, cleared the error code and did a "idle learn", I cleaned the idle air control valve because it has a very rough idle. Now the car has started to stall when I put the car in park and turn the AC off. PLEASE HELP!!!

When I'm driving the temp will start going up as soon as I stop somewhere. And it will also start rising if going up a hill. But when I start driving normal again the temp gauge will go back Down then up and back and forth. Sometimes it'll even say it's in the red then randomly go right back to the middle. When I look under the hood the car never seems over heated.

The check engine light came on, the error code is p0706. I did some research online, is it the park/neutral position switch? If so where would it be located? Thanks

My car was overheating & shut off so I had radiator hose replaced(the one all the way at the bottom so much had to be taken out to get it. Now its fixed but car makes putt putt noises & moves slowly after my first & second stops then it works itself out & drives normally. It doesnt do it all the time though. I'm getting paranoid to drive it. I'm thinking will it cut off & did shop not do something right? Or put parts back correctly. It is like exhaust system jerk putt putts.

Vehicle is a 1997 accord, Special Edition, with 180,000. Problem is extremely intermittent. I can go 2 to 3 weeks between occurrences. When this occurs, other electrical components (lights, radio, etc) are functioning properly. Mechanic checked out all systems and they appear to be fine. He seems to think may be ignition switch, but not sure.

My 1997 Honda Accord loses power when I'm driving it. it hesitates to take off and then it picks up speed, slows down when I'm at a stop light. its scary I wont get on the freeway,, because of this problem. but once it gets going it goes. what could be the problem HELP ME PLEASE!

I have know known leaks. Radiator has been replased. Fans only come on when car is off. Are they sup post to come on while car is running too. I can't find any other cause.

I unpluged the MAP sensor to clean the idle air control valve (which I realize is unnecessary) it turned out that I didn't have the right size socket so I didn't actually do any work to my car at all. So I shut the hood and started the car so I could go get the right size socket but when I started the car the check engine light was on and the car was running very poorly. It only took me a few seconds to realize I forgot to connect the MAP sensor. So I opened the hood and pluged it back in but it didn't solve the problem, My car ended up dieing, after 15 minutes it finally started back up but now it idles very low just under 500 rpm and it acts like it is going to stall on me but it has only done that one time. It drives fine but when I come to a stop the rpm's drop below 500 and it comes very close to stalling. The car ran fine before the MAP sensor was disconnected. I took it to the auto parts store for a diagonistic test and the error code read that it was the MAP sensor. Bought a new map sensor but that didn't help. The car is still doing the same thing and the check engine light is still on.

I had this logo on for a year now but the car has no loss of performance. I did remove the battery so that the engine computer will be reset and also followed some of the instruction from u-tube to remove fuse or to press the clock button for a few seconds etc but of no avail. I would like to know what sensor is faulty. Will it be the oxygen sensor or other sensor in the emission control system. Please advise.

My car has been losing ALOT or oil recently and also power steering fluid. This started a few weeks ago. Well actually the pump been making loud growling noises so i kinda gad a feeling it needed to be looked at but both the leaks just started a few weeks ago. First it was the power steering fluid leak. The leak was pretty major but if i were to park the car, theres nothing on the ground indicating leak but the container would be empty or very low even though it was just filled. Then a week or so pAsses and i start losing oil like theres no tomorrow! So im filling power steering and oil every time i leave to go somewhere., and I'm. Not even going far. Like for work it takes me 7 min driving on hwy ( 3 exits away from home). I put in a quart. When coming home i put in a quart. And light flashes right when i get off hwy to home. But then again, before leaving home i put in a quart, drive 25 miles on hwy and the light dont start flashing til i exit off hwy, which is weird. So ive notice that when im on hwy and not stopping and going on small street, it takes longer for oil light to flash. So i after exiting, i stop at gas station, put in a quart of oil , start car and light dont flash and start going again. And when j get to stop sign i stop and as im exiting gas station, oil light flashes. Back to p/s fluid, all sudden i start up car to go to work and my car started up like a brand new car, no growling , squeaky noises coning from hood. :) was happy for a split sec there... Til i try to turn wheel and it was stiff. So i opened hood thinking fluid needs replacing but shockingly the bottle was still filled to norm line. So p/s was no longer leaking but im sure the pump is dead. And oil is just passing thru the engine. Also, oil somehow is getting on top of engine and surrounding things under hood. And for some odd reason, my muffler turned black and the back passenger tire/ rim turns grey/ black , as if its been charred. And whole back car seems like it got a coat of oily/greasy film. Even the top of my trunk is greasy, which makes me wonder how oil even got up there. I know wen the car is moving, theres drips trailing the cAr and it could be coming from muffler thats y muffler is Blackened, maybe...? Oil leak is so bad, its to the point im which a 5 quart oil is gone and doesnt even gets me thru 2 days. And i inky drive with ten minutes of my home now cuz making turns are killing my arms, and oil is just getting too expensive. So. Those are the details of my car issues. Are these easy fixes? I kinda think its gonna be pricy and might not be worth the fixes, meaning i dont think the car will last much longer anyways and its just too much of a hassle for me. I would like some input and advises. I dont know a lot about cars and issues. Im thinking about putting it up for sale. But i would like to know is it even worth anything, will it be better if i just junk the car or would someone actually wAnt a fixer upper? Leather seats are still very nice, the outer and interior is still very good with minor wear. Also, let me know what could be the causes of this and possible routes to go in regard to fixing it. One thing that got me confused is the p/s. It was leaking pretty bad then all of a sudden the fluids arent moving at all, whatsoever, its like a complete 180. Could it be clogged somewhere?

*sorry for the misspellings and incorrect grammars. Im doing this from my iphone and so yea..*