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I just replaced my power steering pump in my 97 EX and it still sqeeks as if it is not getting any fluid to it, or there is air trapped in it. is there a way to bleed it, or is there something else that would cause th...
I had my oil changed today at an Exxon place. My car began making noises; check engine light came on, check oil light came on. Had it towed back to the Exxon place (which is closed tonight). Any suggestions?
What should the cost be to replace the rear main seal? My car has about 105,000 miles on it. The dealer gave me an estimate and I want to see if it's about right
the compressor clutch does not engage ac fan comes on but clutch does not move
I have about 95K miles...car runs fine...have done most maintenance but corner Mr. Tire shop suggests a tune-up...do I need it.
i have a 97 accord ex i know where the leak is coming from but how is it to replace and aprox how much $$$ would it cost for me or a shop to fix it ?its not the actual hose coming out of the fluid reservoir its right ...
I've noticed that when my car is parked and my steering wheel is straight my right front tire seems to lean in a little. I've also noticed that while driving my right front tire has some vibration and I feel that sam...
1997 honda accord two cooling fans not working. when they can be turn manually without a problem. All the plugs seems ok. what could be the problem.
I have a malfunctioning distributor on my third generation honda accord. I understand this to be a common problem and would very much like to know the supposedly cheap (20 dollar range) garage fix directions. Thanks...
something is draining the battery. battery light is on. car will not start after you turn it off but the battery will recharge after sitting a little while.
i have fuel to injectors but thats it nothing getting to engine plenty of fuel pressure i have changed the injectors i have 12 volts to injectors checked harness and all my grounds they are ok its driving me nuts.
How do you replace the power steering pump?
My AC evaporator drain is clogged, and water builds up and spills into the passenger side on long drives. How can I unclog the the drain?
Only Rpm dies and later on the engineturn light on the dash board.
Is a CV boot the same as a steering rack boot?