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When I brake, it sounds like a police siren behind me
can you put a motor and transmission from a 97 accord in another year accord my car is wrecked but my engine and transmission are great and i loved that car but having trouble finding a 97 body
I hear a high-pitched sound on acceloration when a/c is on. It feels like the engine drags. When I turn a/c off, it goes back to normal.
I was told my car has a california exhaust system.
I had a coolant leak and the dealership found one heater hose that was leaking coolant. They replaced this for $170 and then found another heater that was leaking. The second hose will cost $130 to replace. How many h...
new thermostat , full coolant ,still no heat . what could it be ?
I have had my car for five years now and I'm realizing that for almost two months that when I drive my car it sounds really heavy, as if I am lawn mower or an 18 wheeler. I've been told that it's coming from my engine...
The clutch hydraulic system appears to have air in it. There are no visible signs of any leaks. Where is the bleeder valve locate?
My brake lights on my 1997 honda accord wont go off. This is the first time I have encountered this problem...whats the solution?
Son's Honda been in shop twice in one week for running HOT. The 2nd visit problem resolved by replacing one of the radiator fans. Also had a new muffler put on car. All well for 5 days and now car indicates HOT on gau...
i`m trying to find out if my alternor has gone bad, what does it means if your car won`t start with a good battery in it and someone is giving you a jump off and your car still will not turn over or crank
Your estimates of transmision fluid change do not specify if the service is draining or suctioning the fluid. The suctioning is much better and costs more! Don
I've noticed that my rpm hand only reads less than 1 rpm while idling. I have experienced no loss of power but it is even lower when the a/c is running. What could cause this and is it something to be concerned about?...
d4 light is blinking, and i check it with computer it says solnoied A is bad were is it located.
Once my car reaches normal temp and i have to come to a full stop (TRAFFIC LIGHT OR STOP SING) the engine dies on me and get very difficult to start the engine again.When a start the engine again it begins to stall an...