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Car has about 300,000 miles. Engine replaced ~120,000 miles ago, rebuilt transmission about 70,000 miles ago. New radiator last summer, and had to replace starter about 2 months ago. A few months ago oil light came on, check engine light yellow, not overheating. Mechanic says its engine wear, not holding oil pressure, and that engine needs to be replaced... but suggests its time to get a new car. What's the average cost of a new engine and labor costs to replace it? Is it worth it?

My fourth gear has stopped working. The light on the dash is blinking. I had to put the car in manual drive. How can I get the car back into auto again?

no power at the ac clutch fuse inside car # 8 on the panel

i am trying to fix wiring on a 96 honda accord

left side fan not turning

need to know how to remove timing belt in order to get tot the head

I changed the battery in my 1996 honda accord, and now it only blows hot air from ac. Where is the reset button located and how does it work ?

a/c wont blow cold only slightly cool compressor comes on had system evaced and replaced a/c dryer then had recharged still same time of recharge said no leaks any ideas

I just changed all of the brake pads earlier this yr and the master cylinder this yr and know my brake light is on its not as red as it is when you put the e-break on and yesterday I checked the brake fluid and is was half way down does any know what this could be?

On/off switch will not shut air conditioner off. The condenser cooling fan and compressor are cycling, but I cannot shut it off. It is doing an excellent job of cooling!! Any suggestions??

Since having my timing belt replaced on my 96 accord about 3 months ago, the crankshaft bolt has twice come loose. I saw mechanic used impact wrench to tighten it. Is he not torqing it enough or was locktite suppose to be used?

my car cooling fans are bot truning on what can i do to fix it can it be that my connections are not hooked up right

the speedometer on my car stop working and the check engine light is on and i had a oil leak and i showed to couple of mechanics and got the check engine code and it says emission leak or loose gas cap one can come up with right solution for it .wonder if someone can help me find out the problem .

The dash light will intermittently work. Is there something other than a bulb that needs to be checked?

I had my catalytic converter replaced think that would solve my problem with my car cutting off. The check engine light went off but the car is still cutting off. The diagnostic code was p0420. It came up with 4 possibe problems. They were a/f ration concern, air leak near H02S bank 1, ignition system concern and faulty catalytic converter.