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there is a popping sound on passenger side of car near the wheel when I from 40 to 50 mph.
Right before this happened, tac and speedometer would drop to almost zero with no loss of rpm or speed. This happened several times. Next morning, engine would fire but would fire but then die.
on alldata this calls for the removal of the drive plate cover and I can not find anything on how to remove this or what it is if I can figure that out the job should not be to difficult just not to sure what a drive ...
Car ran fine except for one time for a couple minutes 2 months ago. It is continually running rough now.
How to test eger valve and ignition output signal
The ignition. Was taken out of the steering column and now car won't start.
I was driving home the other day and I noticed a puff of smoke come from under the hood, then all the lights on my dash died. Temp guage, Tachometer, fuel guage, and also my power windows went out. I was in traffic, a...
No idea where the bracket came from. U shaped bracket with single bolt hole that looks like it holds a hose or a cable
I replaced the battery,alternator,radiator,and thermostat,and fan.It was broken into and they replaced the whole steering column.It runs hot while driving and when I drive it for a few It will not start back up. Help
My daughter just called me, she's 50 miles from home and she thinks her power steering is gone. Is it safe for her to drive it home?
had steering column replaced now has alot of play in steering wheel, was told I need a steering gear box replaced.
provided a jumpstart to another, drove home and after turning my car off it won't restart. disconnected the battery and charged it. connected the terminals and noticed the voltage drop. meter lead from negative termin...
Shuts off while making a stop at the traffic light or stop sign and when making a turn that requires the wheel to be locked
Car gets stuck in Park sometimes and sometimes it won't start at all. It will only start in Neutral.