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The car was shut off after running normal, and the next day, there was no battery power. I tried to jump start, but still nothing.
Shuts off while making a stop at the traffic light or stop sign and when making a turn that requires the wheel to be locked
may not do it for a week or a day .after it dies engine turns over but won't start . several minutes later will start but feels like it has a rev limiter at 3500 rpm. after cooling runs fine again
It drives real nice until i come to a stop..I have had the egr valve replaced, engine cleaned, catalytic converter, fuel pump,distributor, still hasnt fixed the problem also wont pass smog but since he just cleaned it...
Car gets stuck in Park sometimes and sometimes it won't start at all. It will only start in Neutral.
all the tail lights works but when i turn on lights at night i dont have trailing lights. nor do i have lights in headboard.
Have to turn the ignition two or more times before the engines starts. have replaced the starter, did not change things.
Can you use the bell housing bolts to pull up the last inch or so of space when installing it.On a chevy express van they dont recomend doing this ,in the past you use to be able to do this like in the 70s and 80s, ha...
Everytime in order to change the shift, I have to insert the key in the console and bring it to the neutral and then start moving the gear shift.
I hit a dip pretty bad and now my car sounds like i modified the exhaust. just wanted to know if i should replace it or weld it.
I here the fuel pump and I also here the relay click I change the distributor,main relay,the fuel pump, and fuel filter
Only when the vehicule is in Reverse the accelerator sticks and grow up by itself until I put in Neutral.
My cars motor has started clanging its not really bad except for when Im pulling a hill. I was told that it may stop if I got them adjusted and wanted to know if that will work. Someone esle told me that I may need a ...