The car has been taken care of an just has 189,000 mfiles.The catalyst convertor has been removed an problem remains.Any help would be appreciated..

Transmission pulls a hill a little slow sometimes

Can't pass emissions

there is a popping sound on passenger side of car near the wheel when I from 40 to 50 mph.

Right before this happened, tac and speedometer would drop to almost zero with no loss of rpm or speed. This happened several times. Next morning, engine would fire but would fire but then die.

on alldata this calls for the removal of the drive plate cover and I can not find anything on how to remove this or what it is if I can figure that out the job should not be to difficult just not to sure what a drive plate cover is

Car ran fine except for one time for a couple minutes 2 months ago. It is continually running rough now.

Happens intermittently and usually under acceleration.

How to test eger valve and ignition output signal

all the lights work we had it hooked up to another car just case the battery. Was weak CD player works door locks are not working but I just don't know please help me !!!!!

The other day my car runs giod no problems I got on the freeway then all of a suddon the engine light came on and no power I pull over turn over starts and then shuts down tried several time same thing . So I get towed next day starts right up drive it around the block a couple times seems ok I dtive about a 5 :miles same thing engine stalls out I crank it over it starts drive a little
dies out check the distributor that's good check the alternater