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When I first start the car the engine revs up to about 2000rpm because its cold then when I put it in gear the speed drops. But if I drive it a short distance so the engine doesn't warm up much and then put it in park...
When turning on ignition switch to the run position the panel cluster lights do not light up, when ignition switch is turned to start position the engine fires up and panel cluster lights up, but when released engine ...
My timing belt was just changed and now my car is shaking do anyone know whats the problem?
How do I change the parking lamp bulbs?
My car is making a constant humming noise (quieter than a horn, but still rather loud). The noise almost sounds like a malfunctioning horn, but it's making the noise while I'm driving and EVEN AFTER I TURN THE CAR OF...
My timing belt went out. i belive
I was driving my car and it shut off and the brakes were really hard to push, I couldnt even slow down, and the steer locked up and feels like the power steering went out. I looked under the car and saw the coolant wa...
Trunk cover is dented about 2" or right side at botton. Trunk cover still opens and latches. Dent runs up to where trunk curvs horizontal with ground. Desire to take out the dent if possible. No paint included.
oil light is on
Where is the oil sensor located on the 1995 Honda Accord
I have 1995 honda accrd sedan and i replaced battery. after replacing battery, car stereo does not turn on. i checked fuse and fuse is fine. any ideas what can be wrong ?
I have been told by two people the rack and pinion system needs replaced. both with very different costs. how much is ususal cost range?
why does my 1995 honda accord turn off periodically? Engine light comes on and won't start back up right away.
is it one piece or do you have to replace the whole camshaft or head