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Just started; takes two to raise window. Will work with help, but will start clicking again as I attempt to roll it (up or) down. Clicking sound is like plastic gears slipping. Does this sound expensive? Electric moto...
My f22a1runs great when you start it from a cold start but sometimes when you take off and try to ease into the throttle it cuts out(almost like a cylinder misfire) but all cylinders are firing fine). It has a check e...
I recently got a 1993 Honda accord and the door worked fine at first but now the passenger side door is stuck open. No matter how hard I try to close it it won't fully close. It latches somewhat (it doesn't open up wh...
Only when it goes over 60, it won't do it while driving in town. It won't turn off till I turn off vehicle
When I drive it take long to change gear and when I stop rpm goes up and down
I am no mechanic, but am mechanically inclined. Whats the most common problem associated with this, and what is the easiest fix? Thanks for your help in advance!!
I tried a 25 and 30 fuse and still blows dem in minutes.
I have changed out the compressor and dryer
car has 354,000 miles made in japan has org fuel pump
car shut down due to low oil pressure, how do you restart engine after filling oil?
My buddy changed my thermostat without taking the negative wire from the battery. Now my car wont start. I dont know where to look for the problem and what could've caused it