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new wires, spark plugs, fuel filter and did a compression check all good. no codes but 4$3 plugs is black compare to 2&1 look to be pretty good and real slow about picking up speed converter have remove.Please help
check engine light blinks rapidly 3 times then rapidly 6 times pauses then slowly 4 times. How do I go about finding the codes. Thnx.
Marked distributor to head, it went in fine, starts right up and idle is fine but when I took it out for test drive it only goes 30 mph, no more power, what could cause that ?.
Known issue with leaking tail lights. Need to find gaskets to replace body to light seal.
mine is a standard i even tried to pop the clutch but that doesnt work at all, the engine will turn over but it wont catch, i tried to start it last night and it would creep as long as i kept my foot on the clutch and...
I removed distributor cap and lot's of oil inside. I replaced O-ring but didn't solve problem.
only when vehicle reaches 55 m.p.h. or above will check engine light go on
the car has had this problem since i got it earlier this year in February. the car will crank but will not start when it has been outside in cold weather for a while (mostly overnight). it is not the battery, i had ...
My car turns on great with no engine light but let's say when I get about 2 miles or 3 my car turns off and the engine light comes on there is some times when the engine light comes on but my car doesn't turn off. I h...
It died yesterday at a stop sign and now will not arc from the plugwires or distributor coil wire.
After it dies you have to wait 10-15 min to start it.if it starts at all the other new ITE it didn't start at all. I'm driving check engine lite goes 2-5 min later it dies.
The a/c always blows strong and the compressor does come on but most of the time not cold, i had it recharged but didnt change anything, sometimes ice cold sometimes not at all. any help would be great