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Whenever I went to start my car one day it started up just fine, whenever I went to put it into reverse all it did was make a whining sound but it didn't move at all! But if I put it into drive it will move and sounds...
And it started drove around block two time and it died hasn't started since
A week ago my radiator hose busted so I tried to fix it myself until I got the money to get it fix. So when I was driving it would run hot all the time and it would smoke under the hood. Well yesterday I got it fixed ...
I have no fire and have replaced ignition coil and router button
I have a honda accord 1992 model. The windshield wipers went out on me. When I turn them on; they make a sound like they are trying to work, but they dont move so I was wondering if the motor is bad or is it something...
i just need to know wat the labor book is calling to replace pass side fromt half shaft
Good explanation. Well done. Professional Honda Mechanic
Light never com back on & they dont come on with key on only when starting car dies no light on on dash??
it does crank, power is working, fuel pump and filter are good, could it be the injectors? or something else?