While driving everything seems normal.
Then out of nowhere the car will act as if it is missing
a spark. I will lift hood to find that one of the plug wires has lifted
away from the housing. Not all the way just lifted.
If I press it back down car runs fine but will eventually
lift again. What could this be? The wires were just replaced.
About four months prior. HELP

The left turn signal on my 1992 Accord has started flashing and clicking twice as fast as before. The Haynes Manual doesn't say anything about this. Is it telling me that the bulb is wearing out, or something else?

im trying to replace the the front brakes and roters, how do i get the roters off the car

When i start my car up and while it idles is sounds like it is struggling to stay running..its like a sputtering sound..and when i put it in gear the RPM gets very low and when i give it gas it sputters and sounds like it has a miss...but when it gets to about three thousand RPM it finally kicks in and quits..oh and by the way my car doesnt have a 2.2 four cylinder engine..it has a 1.5L 16 valve 4 cylinder

hi idle on cold start

i have a 1992 honda accord with 324000 miles on it, i keep it in the garage every night, each morning it starts at a very high idle around 1500 rpm, then gradually slows, it is a five speed. Do you have any ideas what the problem is?

how do i compress the caliper cylinder back in when changing the brake pads and rotors. do they push in like most gm cars or are they a screw in cylinder and wich way would it need to be turned to compress it all the way in so i can finish puting the pads on over the new rotors ?

Yeserday, my car started smoking out of the hood on the driver's side? I smelled a rubber burning smell. By the time, the tow truck driver came, the rubber belt that is around the alternator had split and was hanging. The alternator was replaced on this car about 7 months ago. Did this happen due to a failed alternator? If so, does the alternator need to be replaced or just the belt? How much does the belt cost to replace?

opposed to relpacing the catalitic converter can hollowing it out work and if hollowed out will that cause more problems

Un sure what the problem is looking for common problems.checked fuses and bulbs already, and Im pretty sure that they went at the same time. My brake lights still work and my head lights and all other lights, just no tail running lights or any dash lights. Any ideas?

Sometimes when driving car stalls wondering if this could be caused do to a rusted out catalitic converter

my parking brake light is always on and when i drive it sounds like something is scratching on the front right tire, when i appy the brakes the sound gets much louder, whats the problem here

Why does my car smell like gas fumes in the inside while I'm driving?

i have a 1992 honda accord and of recent i discovered the folliwing problems;;
1' The dash broad light doesnt come on
2. the horn has stopped working
3. The A/C and heater has also stop working
before now everything was working ,i have tired all i can by taking it to a good auto repair shop and the fault is yet to be found....All the fuse has bn check and we still can't find the major problem
pls help me before i die in the cold....

what could cause anti freeze to come out under the hood towards the back near the fuse box