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My sport light on the dash has decided to just flash all the time. I did not put the car into "sport" mode
My 1991 Honda Accord Lx is having a problem. I put a new fuel pump in it, but when I start it up it will run for a few minutes and then it start to sutter and the battery indicator light comes on and it shuts off and ...
I have a 1991 honda accord that failed a smog test three times. thay say that it is to rich it is it fuel ijected i have changed the oxgen sensor and the fuel ijctors the map sensor is ok any idea.
First Battery light was going on intermittently. Now it is on all the time. Had the battery checked and it is fine. Is the alternator going out? What is an average cost of repairing alternator?
Sometimes the blower swich does not always turn the fan o. Is the switch bad??
how do I remove the steering pump?
i have water in the oil what does that mean
Cost to change Timing Belt, Motor Mounts, Wheel Ball Joints, Leaking Transmission and EGR Sensor (otherwise car runs fine)
i parked my car in my driveway and when i tried to drive away i started the car but i could not shift to reverse(manual transmission) then i back up on neutral because the parking its a slope, after i tried to shift t...
it stops at red lights or sputter and then speeds off.
my car is now running hot. The blower fan runs continually after I turn the engine off. This has been occurring for the last 2 weeks.
After I do about 50 miles and turn off the engine, I hear the water boiling and I see the overflow going into the overflow resevoir. After the engine cools off, the water apparently is sucked back into the radiator. S...
is their something called a lower control?
what is a lower control? what is a upper control arm? and ball joints do they all come in one part and what is the cost for parts ans labor?
my brakes sometimes go directly to the floor and wont work. do i need new brakes or what?