honda accord 06, 2.2 noisy?? on 2006 Honda Accord

changed alternator, power steering pump still noise coming out? what possibly I have missed out? get worst when u turn steering. Would appreciate any advise.thank you

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Honda or aftermarket pump? Is fluid in reservoir foaming? 2.4L or you have wrong year listed.
hello, its 2.2L diesel UK version. it's Honda pump. fluid Is very foaming.
Glad we're not seeing them yet at the dealer!.......... OK, foaming in the reservoir means air is being drawn into the system. Check the suction side hose(large one going to pump inlet) for loose fit or damage. Next most common problem is the O-ring at the pump inlet. Also check for debris in reservoir screen , replacing reservoir is best fix for that , rather than trying to clean it.
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2006 - 2.2? Noise gone if belt remmoved? Possible steering rack problem!
poss belt idler or tensioner? also could be water pump. as ststed does noise go away with belt removed?