Honda 2004 timing belt went. how much to fix. on 2004 Honda Civic

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how can I tell valves are bent
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you need to set the new belt on and do a compression test.

belt, pulleys and tensioner are around 500-600

if valves are bent around 1500-1800

If I take this to a mechanic and ask for a compression print out, can they give this to me? The last thing I want to do is to put out money where it may not need it. I do not want unneccesary work done on the car when it is not needed.
Thank you for the response
no, most places dont have print outs. he has to install the belt to verify. you will have to spend money to find out.

I no I will have to get the belt fixed first, but what if the valves are not bent, and they told me they were, just to get more money out of me?