2001 Mazda Protege Q&A

2001 Mazda Protege Question: hit curb on right front side of my Mazda 3

My daughter hit a curb on the right side of the Mazda 3. The wheel is turned inward and the car could not be moved and had to be towed. What are the possibilities of the damage and how much do you think it might cost? There is no body damage on the outside of the car at all. Just the wheel is turned in and the side airbags also released. -
Answer 1
This is more of a repair for your local body shop as they deal with this kind of repair everyday as your looking at suspension damage and reinstalling the airbags, But this might be covered under your comprehensive auto insurance, So check your policy -
Answer 2
3500...swingarm, engine cradle, rack and pinion -