Hit a curb and snapped front left strut. Rplcd a arm strut spindle act. on 2012 Hyundai Accent

Abs, low tire, EPS, traction control, and physical steering . All lights come on then the stereo g gets really stiff. Just before the EPS light comes o. Starring vets very easy a d touchy. Was once a month then a week then couple days a week now won't go off or. away and sharing is stiff like no power steering. Please help or better yet just take it to a junk yard. I want a refund. Should b paying me to drive this car.

by in Potwin, KS on March 04, 2014
3 answers
ANSWER by on March 04, 2014
That's a good one! You wrecked!! Why do you think you should get paid to drive??? Seems to me it still needs some repair, or the repair done correctly ! Can't blame the car!!
ANSWER by on March 04, 2014
call your insurance co
ANSWER by on March 04, 2014
Where was the repair work done? Warranty on faulty parts?.............How far would you drive it for a dollar?

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