I'm in Australia. Is there an Australian equivalent of your service? on 1999 Hyundai Accent

My Daewoo Nubira made in 1999 - not Hyundai Accent - (worth, in Australia, around US $2700-3000) was 'missing'. Sounded and felt like a cylinder or two weren't firing. My repair bill was A$1500 approx US$1321.

They replaced a faulty coil and HT leads and spark plugs.
Then they replaced the catalytic converter.
They charged about US$117 to "scan codes" - computer stuff?
catalytic converter was about US$675.
They charged me 2 hours labour: approx US$234.

Do you think they ripped me off?


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I think its pretty close to resonable, that a fair price ,it cost a lot to be on business..
Thanks for taking the time to respond. I appreciate your advice.
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we cahrge only ONE diag fee per veh. no matter how many issues it has,unless there is wiring issues