how can i reset the new air bag modular on my 2003town car(old one is damaged on 2003 Lincoln Town Car

i have a 2003 lincoln town car signature 4.6 eng. i had a problem with the air bag light after diagnoses the mechanic told me that the air bag modular is damaged i bought a new one but he could not reset it and he cant retireve the old data from the old one
is there any software tool that can overide the code and my second question does the car have the air bag data stored somewhere else like the main system computer?

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Yes, there is software available to reprogram your new air bag go to the dealership to reflash your car.
my friend if i wanted to go to the dealership i would've done that already, dealership means i will pay tons of cash just to go to the main gate do you have another way ???? that i could do!!!!