1992 Toyota Paseo Q&A

1992 Toyota Paseo Question: Highway Downshifting Gears.

I drive a few city streets and then jump onto the highway when going to work every morning. When I finally hit the highway, it will switch from the highest gear to the next lowest gear, making my engine rev higher than it should. After driving a few miles, it will then resort back to the highest and most efficient gear. I'm wondering why it is normal at first, then jumpsdown a gear, clearly after the engine is already warmed up, and after it has used the highest gear on the highway a few minutes before. -
Answer 1
engine load. if you are on a upgrade, it will downshift to lower gear till the load decreases and go back to the high gear. Roy -
Comment 1
The part of the highway on which it automatically downshifts on me is perfectly flat. I have to drive for about 2 miles before it finally shifts back into the top highway gear. When it downshifts on me, I'm usually going about 60 miles an hour, and my RPM's are a bit over 3200. It's sucking all my gas, killing my miles per gallon. -
Comment 2
you may have a bad switch for the converter clutch in the valve body. take it to a trans shop to have them check it for you and give you a bid. Roy -