higher price for 3.6 engine? on 2005 Buick Rendezvous

Does this estimate include the cost range for the 3.6 as opoosed to the 3.4 engine?

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estimate for what repair??

Sorry, I thought the page would be linked to my ? Water pump replacement on 2005 Buick Rendezvous CXL. Why am I getting so much higher quotes for the 3.6 engine as opposed to the 3.4? Dealership quote was over $600.00!
its ok. i have something to work with now.
water pump is about 59
labor is 1.2
thermostat, which you should do, is 18
labor on t stat 2.2 hours. this is the killer part of the price.
coolant exchange is 89

did the dealer include the thermostat??

They didn't break it down for me. I refused to have them go any further. I went to pick up the car, and they wanted to charge me $136.00 for an oil change and to check it over. Service manager eventually waived $100.00 of the bill. I don't know what their $/hr. is for labor, but it still seems that $630.00 is way out of line. The cost for this same job on a 3.4 was less than half that amount from other auto repair shops in my area, so I still am curious as to what warrants the higher cost on the 3.6. Quotes for my 3.6 were from $340.00-$420.00.
sounds about right. consider the thermostat as it most cases, it causes the water pump to fail from high pressure.

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Usually if the labor time is the same then we don't list the engine's as a option.