Noise From Front Suspension on Lexus LS400

Higher mileage cars can develop creaking and groaning noises in the front suspension, particularly when coming to a quick stop. Inspection and replacement of any worn parts should correct this concern.

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Average mileage: 156,257 (147–256,209)
11 model years affected: 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, more1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000
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1996 Lexus LS400115,000
Hello: I had same problem when my 1996 lexus LS 400 would hit a 2 " or so curb loud clunk sound. Had several shops look for problem, when one mechanic finally found the problem. It was the control arm struts in the front. They are the rods that run from the lower control arm straight up into the front of car. They have a bushing pressed into them from the factory that cracks over time and causes that clunking sound. Follow the rod all the way up to where it attaches in the front use a flashlight, and you'll see the cracks in those bushings. Pull the cover down if you have to, to see what I'm talking about. That's your problem. I ordered both of my fronts from ----Auto parts they are around $120.00 a piece. Easy to put on bye bye clunk. My best to you Mike
i hear noises when i step on the brakes like a creaking sound
1999 Lexus LS400206,000
A loud clunk from the front suspension whenever driving onto a 2 inch bump, driveway entrance, etc.
1999 Lexus LS400250,000
clunking from front suspension when hitting bumps, or when quickly tapping brakes while moving.
1993 Lexus LS400256,209
Creaking suspenion noises, power steering pump groaning, leaking, alternator shorting out.
2000 Lexus LS40098,000
2006 IS 250. Noise from fronts suspension. Bushings replaced. Problem corrected.
1998 Lexus LS400134,000
Car was not staying locked on its path of travel. Had to constantly correct with steering. Fixed this by replacing a bad drive side ball joint.
Both front ball joints (Lexus P/N 4333059026, either side) were completely worn out, almost an 1/8" of play in them. *REPLACE THEM* safety concern. I had also ordered the 2 "strut" bushings (Lexus P/N 4867450030) that mount at the front of the car to replace after reading online that they fail after high miles, mine were usable but the rubber was starting to tear so I replaced them anyway. Upper control arms can cause the noise also, you can't just replace the ball joint and the complete arm cost $500 from Lexus per side. The engine and transmission mounts could be warn also, the tranny mount is cheap and easy to replace, engine mounts not so easy. If getting a clunk in the rear suspension aftermarket bushing ADUS 505 may fix it, about $35 each, order qty. 2. The rubber in both of my original bushings was COMPLETELY gone and the metal sleeves were just flopping around. I think the rear carrier arm is the part the bushings go into, not too bad of a job if you have decent mechanical skills, if not, don't attempt.
1994 Lexus LS400100,000
Haven't had it fixed yet
Front end made a "clunking" noise when I went over bumps. Replaced left and right ball joints..problem solved.
Everytime I come to a stop my friend suspensions make a squeaking noise how to fix this
1997 Lexus LS400187,900
I had the same problem but even with normal driving I could hear the clunking and crackling sound, especially in the winter around here in Dallas. About to fix it
1997 Lexus LS400129,000
Bangs on small bumps. Also some intermittent creaking which may or may not be related . Typical old car stuff, but a little extra loud on this car.
Power steering groaning, pump leaking. Replaced all steering lines and pump, then 2 months later all dash warning lights started flashing and thought it was my battery. It was, but the alternator had also failed. Upon replacing alternator and a 5 year old battery we discovered the serpentine belt was badly worn. Then we found a totally shot tensioner pully with some of the ball bearings missing and frozen shut. So, the Problems of weird sounds from the engine, smell of burnt rubber, dash lights going crazy all got solved. Like a new Lexus again. Now on to the clunking sound when going over speed bumps. Heck, any other brand of car would have quit long ago. I love my 99 LS400 Lexus.
I, too, have that same groaning sound coming on it my Lexus. That along with the clunking sound in the front end are a bit frustrating.
1992 Lexus LS40012,552
I found out I didnt have any transmission fluid so I had a white bottle to see if I fix it if I had a leak but the next day my car is knocking and asking like it want to drive slow what csn I do to fix it. I dont know nothing about cars n dont want to ask because ppl taking me as a sucker n I and up paying more than Im supposed too.
1997 Lexus LS400115,000
loud squeaking or creaking noise at front suspension area of the car. Started while going over a speed bump now at stops too
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