high temp gauge reading on 1994 Buick Century

temp gauge goes to red line at 203 degrees (temp is 203 at computer according to my scanner).thermostat works fine.Just replaced lower intake gasket,thermostat waterpump due to leaks.Also replaced temp sender at this time due to high reading,but problem still exists.Any idea what resiatance or other readings should be at temp sender?

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203 is not overheating. the fan comes on at about 209. if the computer sees 203 then i would believe the computer.
how long has the car been red lining?? did you check the temps of the rad to see if it is clogged?? a hyrocarbon test would be in order to eliminate a blown head gasket.

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the cool fan will not come on till 225deg a/c work when turn a/c on fan shood come on if it dont fan motor may be bad unplug motor ck with test lite to see if has power if is does motor is bad