High Speed/Hydraulic Fan on 2000 Lincoln LS

Is not working and when it gets hot the temperature gauge rises.

by in Hanover, MD on June 09, 2010
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ANSWER by , July 02, 2010
if the fan makes noise then it needs replaced. it is an tsb also. i can;t rememnber the number. i replace my hydraulic pump actuator and mine over heats at 3/4 hot and then rapid cools to 1/2 mark everytime i start it and then doesn't over heat after that. i think my fan needs replaced. i think it is around $400 for just the fan.
ANSWER by , September 23, 2010
If you hear the fan running then it's OK. If you are loosing coolant mine was doing the same thing. After replacing the thermostat I found out that the coolant tanks on the LS are prone to hairline cracking. The system is pressurized and that's what it turned out to be.
COMMENT by , October 04, 2010
i had cracks in the overflow tank i replaced it today but cant get fans to kick on what do i need to do
COMMENT by , March 25, 2011
i have a 01 lincoln ls and took me 6 months but i found out by running sea foam though the hydralic cooling system it flushed it out and now works great
COMMENT by , June 16, 2013
How do i do this . I have replaced the fan and the hydraulic pump. The air works fine as long as I'm on the highway. And how do I know if the fan is coming on.