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2006 Volkswagen Jetta Question: High pressure fuel pump and camshaft

Check engine lights been on took it to mechanic. He said I had to take it to VW because it was showing a code that VW has to repair it. High pressure fuel pump and camshaft bad. When I took it to VW they said my cars not covered and its $ 2000 + to repair. How to i find out myself? I've seen some required vehicle updates from VW exactly for these 2 defective parts. Please help TY -
Answer 1
Sorry Ty, but we've repaired 4 of these already. The repair was significantly less than the dealer though. Call Jon at Dublin Auto Repair (925)828-0243 to get the price and schedule an appointment. -
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Do you know why my vehicle is not on this service bulletin? There's a few other bulletins that have to do with the fuel pump and camp shaft. VOLKSWAGEN: PRODUCTION PROBLEMS MAY MAKE CAMSHAFT COMPONENTS SUSCEPTIBLE TO PREMATURE WEAR. THIS COULD LEAD TO WEAR IN THE BASE OF THE HIGH PRESSURE FUEL PUMP CAMSHAFT FOLLOWER. THIS ISSUE DOES NOT CAUSE VEHICLE STALLING. THE MALFUNCTION L ( NHTSA ITEM NUMBER )- 10040844. Is the dealers quote way over what it should be? Thank you and I will call Dublin -
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