2005 Ford Freestar Q&A

2005 Ford Freestar Question: High Pitched Squeal

Have high pitched squeal up front. Rebuilt brakes new rotors pads still there. Could I have wheel bearing failure starting. Goes away if I pour on brakes and or make sharp turn to right. But comes back. -
Answer 1
If the noise changes when you apply the brakes hard, it's a brake problem. It could be that the rotors were not machined correctly ( even new rotors ). When this happens, the rotors will squeal unless you press hard on the brakes. With the brake work, who did the machining of the rotors and what brand of pads were installed? -
Answer 2
I have the same problem on my Freestar 2006. Check Ford's recall 04v446000 and this link http://www.allworldauto.com/comments/viewthread.php?cid=618504 -
Answer 3
it is the wheel bering sensor that you can't change unless you change the whold wheel bearing around $200.00 to do it yourself each you just have to figure out which one is bad. -
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