2002 Ford Escort Q&A

2002 Ford Escort Question: High pitched humming when engine on

Increasingly loud high pitched humming is causing concern. Gets good mileage, over 100,000 mi, I bought it with about 20,000 on it. No knocking, pinging, all fluids topped up and hoses okay.... -
Answer 1
Does the noise increase with engine speed? Vehicle speed? Have it checked out, it could be many things, but it could be a warning that if left unchecked, could cause more damage, like a bearing in the timing belt tensioner or water pump. -
Comment 1
It DECREASES when I acellerate. The hood is bent in and held on by a bike lock until I have time to go to junk yard and purchase new hood and spend half a day at junk hard unbolting & rebolting new hood. It is not unsafe, not totally safe, but hood bangs on engine when I drive on frway, it could be a hose that is getting hit, dented and re-ruptured, but there was different sound before I replaced hose, this is high pitched whine, fact that it does go away when I accellerate and that still getting good mileage, no change in engine temperature or power seems like positive. I have very little money, where should I take it for honest, cheap inspection, surely not dealer?! I am in S. Cal. near San Diego. -
Comment 2
This sounds like a possible wheel bearing. Check the shop directory for a shop in your area. http://repairpal.com/directory -
Comment 3
i got exacr same thing ,high pitched whime that decreases woth acceleration. what was the cuase,,,a senser,intake manifold leak.becuase no exhuast when throttle is engaged -
Answer 2
Sitting at the Ford dealership reading this post and they called me up to tell me what the problem is. My 2001 Isuzu rodeo has a (high pitched) whining. They said it was a bearing for one of my pullies/belts. $200 to fix which was a lot less than I was thinking. I can get more info if you need it once they are done. -