Dodge Ram Van 1500 Problem Report

Dodge Ram Van 1500 High Blower Only Due to Failed Blower Motor Resistor

(25 reports)

The HVAC blower may operate on high speed only. This is commonly caused by a failed blower motor resistor. Chrysler has released a revised part to address this problem.

Interior fan runs only on high speed -
Fan speed only works on high speed -
blowermoter want run -
1999 Dodge Ram 1500 jayco conversion van blower motor only works on high -
front heater switch only works on high in my 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 Van. -
Fan works on high setting only.. -
Blower only blows on high and I have to spend 30+ dollars on crappy parts that keep going out every 6mon -
Only high speed on the the blower Switch works,went to junk yard and changed out, blower motor assembly.. $ 30.00 works fine -
only on high speed. Most likely blower resistor -
Heater blower only works on high and won't blow out floor level. -
Fan operates on high blower only. Not repaired at this time. -
The a/c on hight do not blow but you can hear compeezor work -
Repeat failure of blower motor resistor. -
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