hid xenon headlight works sometimes on 2002 Lexus LS430

2002 lexus ls 430 , 120,000 miles, driver head light comes on sometimes, will work for a day or two then out then starts working again, switch to high beam it works, crossed bulb to passenger side both low and high work so bulb is ok .fuses ok, think its ballast? dealer ballast950.00, any other suggestions and where is the ballast located and will ballast from another year model work in my 2002. also steering wheel will telescop in and out but will not tilt. suggestions.

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I believe the control unit is under each head light it is a transformer that steps up the voltage if any water gets into them they fail. Have you tried looking for one second hand? When trying to locate or find second hand parts, the best way post a request to many wrecking yards at the same time is to Google the words "wrecking yard parts" or "used auto parts" if you want to be a little more specific enter the manufacturer of your vehicle example "Lexus used parts". May links appear that allow you to enter the details of your vehicle and the parts you are looking for. This request is then sent out to thousands of wrecking yards through out the country and they then send you an email or give you a call with the price and availability of the part. it is the wrecking yard that pays a small commission for the service.