hid light on 2001 Lexus LS430

other then the light control computer, and the multiplex computer what else can make your hidlights not work. other then the bulbs my lights stopped working

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Definitely use a voltmeter, or OHM meter to check all the fuses, don't just rely on a visual check. The lights are are protected by a main fuse link in the engine compartment (it supplies power to the headlight relay). There is a 20 AMP fuse marked H-LP the lights need, there are two separate 15 AMP fuses to protect each headlight control computer, and the combination (light switch) has two separate 7.5 AMP fuses ( I believe they may be marked MPX-IG and MPX_B3). Check fuses before assuming the worst. What lights have actually have failed? Did several light fail at the same time?
Sorry your car is giving you grief. The fact that the lights have now failed is good. The basic wiring diagram is simple, now in failure mode is the time to do a voltage and voltage drop test on the electrical circuit. I haven't seen any Service Bulletin on LS430 HID lights but will have another look at the wiring diagram and see if anything comes to mind. I'd love to know what fixes this problem.
in the begining one light just stop working every once in a while. i would have to turn them off and turn it back on and they worked for a while and the same thing.eventully one light went out completly and the other one continued to do the same thing now both are out all fuses are ok changed various things changed all computers under the advise of dealer and still nothing