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1998 Ford Mustang Question: Hid Installation problem

I installed a hid kit for my car but the lights dont turn on at all or hear a buzzing sound from the ballast. I dont think its my cars wires because the old lights worked fine but I dont know. Im hoping to get an answer soon or just find a place where they can check it out. -
Answer 1
The head light wiring for the stock head lights is straight forward if you need to know the details of the stock wiring for the Mustang headlights I can forward on the colors. Do you have a voltmeter to check wiring? Look on the box that the HID Xenon light kit arrived in, they usually have a 1-800 tech hot line. -
Comment 1
Well I fixed the problem, now my interior dash does not light up now... So my lights come on but when im driving at night I cant see my speed and all the other stuff that lights up when you turn on the headlights.... -
Comment 2
Glad you figured out the HID problem. The main light switch sends power to fuse 13 (or 18) its a 10 amp fuse. This fuse carries power to the dash lights illumination on the light blue/red wire. This wire brings power also to the heated rear screen switch illumination and ac heater switch illumination so if those two switches are illuminated the fuse is OK. -
Comment 3
Well I finally fixed all my problems now, it was a blown fuse just like you said so thanks for helping me....you saved me like a 100 bucks if I would of taken it to a shop. -