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2000 Honda Civic Question: hi there..i have a honda civic 1.4 2000 model and today my car won't just start.

This Happened again 3 years ago under the same weather conditions...is it of humidity?i remember i have taken out one fuse and by puting it back it solved the problem but dont remember which fuse it was... -
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I think we will have to get a little more info like does it have spark and fuel pressure -
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Yes everything seems to be ok.the engine cranks but won't start as the immobilizer doesn't seem to recognize the key.tried both keys i have for the car.i had the same problem 3 years ago and remember got solved by removing a fuse and puting it back in.just dont remember which one..i think it might be water in some of the fuses...it was extremely rainy here 2 days...will it help if i just use a spray for humidity and spray the fuse box..just to mention that some lights of the dashboard dont work also..and the green key light on dashboard keeps blinking.. -
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Possibly the PCM fuse? maybe you just reset it. -
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How to reset the PCM? -
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If your green immobilizer light is rapidly blinking , then as you said , it's not recognizing your key(s). Receiver unit may have failed or bad connection in circuit. ANY aftermarket add-ons? alarm/remote start? -
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Nothing aftermarket on the car..But the passenger cabin is very humid..this happened after 2 days under heavy rain..Should i try to spray all fuse boxes with a spray for hummidity?Should i also check the battery...I think it must be 3 years old now..But seems in very good condition..All lights act as normal etc...Does the battery have to do with such problems? -
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YES , low voltage can set all sorts of 'false codes' . Try disconnecting the battery and put on a slow charge (10Amps or less) for 3-4 hours and then reconnect and try. In the meantime , along with your statement about the humidity, if corrosion/increased resistance in circuits is an issue then , if you have any way of warming and drying the pass. cabin , that would possibly help. ///////////.........12/10........In addition , to answer your question about how to reset the PCM....... TRY a 'hard' reset- disconnect both battery cables and hold them together for about 1/2 minute. IF your radio is anti-theft type , then you'll need the code for that afterwards. Again , make sure battery is fully charged , hook it back up and try it. Please post results. -