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1995 Saab 900 Question: Hi, My power steering is gone on my 900s (non turbo) 5 speed convertible.

I was told I would need a new power steering cooler. Is this the same as the power steering pump? If it costs $1000 to get a new cooler, as the mechanic said, it certainly wouldn't be worth it. But, if I could get a rebuilt or used part and fix it for 300-500, it would be worth it. Thanks! -
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no, cooler is different from pump -
Answer 2
Was the cause of failure a leak from cooler or lack of pressure in the system? -
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I'm not sure. What would the implications be of a lack of pressure? He replaced my water pump and radiator. I have had a really hard time finding power steering coolers for a 1995 Saab 900s. I found one forum where someone asked about the power steering cooler for an 1995 Saab 900 SE and someone else answered saying there's an oil cooler but not a power steering cooler. I'm also not sure if I have leaking hoses as well; if the leaking hoses are the high pressure ones it could be a lot to fix Thanks -
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Find out the specific 'failures' and post. NEXT question......... Do you TRUST the tech. diagnosing the car? -
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Thanks. I will call him tomorrow when he's open and ask if it was a leak from the cooler or lack of pressure in the system. He doesn't specialize in Saabs but I think he's good and I think I can trust him. I had parts of my exhaust system fall apart last year. I went to another mechanic first who apparently duct-taped when he said he was going to put a sleeve on. Then I took it to this guy who told me the actual repair (a new flex pipe and another part of the exhaust system) would cost about $450, about $300 less than the first mechanic told me. He also insisted that the first mechanic had duct-taped the flex pipe and the other part, not used muffler tape. -
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Sounds like you're on the right track , I'll check back for your response and if I can offer any more help I will. -
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Thank you. The help is greatly appreciated. -