Hi my car is having the same problem we replaced the sensors on 2005 Hyundai Tiburon

we replaced the sensors two times the first ones were Aftermarket and the last ones were OEM strait from the Dealer but the light comes back on after driving for 150 miles. I failed inspection for the oxygen sensor code thats why im getting this work done, and know one can fix the problem if you find out any info on what might be the problem please let me know I never had a problem like this before where a shop that works on cars can't fix a car or don't have any idea what could make the light come back on, I also had the computer checke thats fine i also had the cat checked thats also fine

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Take the sensor out and put a little bit of gress on the side the detec. The oxeg then put it back on disconecct the positeve plug of the battery for 30 second and abracadabrah no lite