hi fuel consumption on 2007 Honda CR-V

my CR-V is 2007 model with 50000 km, recently became consuming more fuel in past 12 liters/100km it became 16 liters/100km,I changed according to maintenance manufacturer schedule the air filter,fuel filter,oil filter and valve adjustment, no touchable improvements,no ODB codes on dash board or any alarms,car checked by scanner also no problem,I confused what I can do to solve this problem.any suggestions it will great. thanx.

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A few other things to check: Engine coolant tempuature(make sure it is reaching normal operation temp) Runnning cooler than normal burns more gas. Check for a lazy O2 sensor. ( may need to take to a technician to check this). Check tire air pressures and for a draging brake caliper.
the dealer told me that the combustion ratio is 14.7 to 1 (air to fuel)it considered normal.
yes that is correct but it could be several other issues that deal with fuel ratio
Driving habits have a lot to do with fuel consumption also. Aggresive dirveing equals high fuel use.
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seek help by a mech that can read fuel trim to diag issue it could be alot of diff things
What percentage of ethanol does the gas you use have? Do the stations you go to switch from 'summer' to winter' blend , or are they the same year-round? JUST a thought........
I think its unleaded 98
NOT octane rating.......Many fuel companies now put ETHANOL in their fuels. On the east coast where I've travelled it's usually 10%. Some states where they use it primarily as a 'winter blend' , during the summer months you won't have it and you will get better fuel economy. Simply put , you need more ethanol to produce the same amount of power , than you would with just straight gas, an ethanol mix increases the volume of fuel used , thereby reducing the MPGs. Again it was just a thought , not necessarily the issue you're dealing with. I just know in my area I've routinely seen people losing 4-8 MPG when they switch to stations using a 'blend' , worst thing is , it's getting harder and harder to find stations that don't use ethanol.
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