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1990 Cadillac Eldorado Question: Hey, I own a Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz 1989?

Hey, I own a Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz 1989. I recently changed the Map sensor and the Radiator. However, I am still getting the engine light when I increase my speeds beyond 60 MPH. I have pulled the following codes and i would like specific repair answer to eliminate each one. I am trying restore the vehicle. The vehicle currently has 130,000 miles. Please give me your best solution to each of the codes below. Thank you. P026 (E026)-Shorted Throttle Signal Switch P027 (E027) -Open throttle signal switch P032 (E032)-Open MAP Sensor Signal P039 (E039) -Torque Coverter Clutch/Viscous Converter Clutch Engagement Problem P052 (E052) -PCM Memory Reset P055 (E055) -Closed Throttle Angle Out of Range [TPS] B120- Twilight Sentinel Delay Pot Circuit Problem B122 -Panel Lamp Dimming Pot Circuit Problem B127 - PRNDL321 Sensor Circuit Problem [Park Brake Release] B337 -Loss of Programmer Data [A/C Clutch, Parking Brake Release] B441-Cooling Fans Problem B448 Very Low A/C Refrigerant Pressure Condition [A/C Clutch] B450 Coolant Temperature Too High [A/C Clutch] B552 BCM Memory Reset Indicator -
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You aren't asking for much, are you? Wow -
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Well, This is a challenge to your level of expertise. Go for it if you have what it takes. Thank You -
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NO; this a challenge for you to restore, and I don't mind helping someone figure an issue with their vehicles, BUT this is what I do for a living with plenty of challenges daily, and I get paid for it as well. Now if you want to pay for the information on all those codes, maybe we can talk, but don't, in my opinion, abuse the system. IMO. -
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I though this was free advice. Please stop soliciting. Move to the next person. Again this is a discussion board.. If you do not want to answer move on. -
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Let's see if you get many replies. We're all working technicians. Potwin Ks -
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Again you are an amateur. You are the mechanic that we never want to have. Again, kick rocks. -
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Ok you figure it out. Now I know nobody else will help a person with circling fly syndrome. -
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Change everything ,if that doesn't work ,here's a match:-) -