Hey Guys, New to the forum my passenger side airbag light off blinks continously on 2009 Acura RL

any time there is weight on the passenger side seat and i start the engine, the light comes on and the alert keep beeping, but if i start the engine first and put weight on the seat, it doesnt blink. just lately the AFS light comes on each light i turn on the headlight. The airbag code 76-61 keeps coming up each time i diagnos and i bought the E-P unit only to be told that my vehicle doesnt come equipped with that unit and i cannt return it becos its electrical. the vehicle was invovled in a frontal/right side collision. Please help/advice

by in Rockaway, NJ on November 10, 2012
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ANSWER by on November 11, 2012
Do you know the extent of the collision damage and what was done pertaining to the SRS SYSTEM for repairs? What is E-P unit? Not familiar with that abbreviation. Honda does list a DTC '76-61' and I don't have listings for Acura , what is 76-61?...................HELLO????????????
COMMENT by on November 13, 2012
Tanx, i replaced the streering airbag, driver seat belt and the airbag module. the passenger side was impacted in the collision. E-P is the E-Prentioneer unit,76-61 is the error code from dealer diagnosis code. hope this answered your question and thanks again
COMMENT by on November 15, 2012
Is the dealer the one replacing the parts or are you? Still don't have a clear idea of 76-61. Sometimes after certain parts replacements systems may need to be 'calibrated' with a scanner that communicates with the SRS control module , has that been done?

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