Hesitation for 97 Golf on 1997 Volkswagen Golf

I have a 97 Golf Automatic... The problem I have is when I ride down the road, the car hesitates alittle and when I get to a stop, sometimes the car stops running... help!!!

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Do you ever get a Check Engine Light? This can be a big help if there is a code stored in your computer. Also, how are the basics, i.e are the plugs, wires fuel/air filters in good shape? How does the car idle when it first starts up? Does it change as it warms up? Did this problem come on over time or all of a sudden?
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Mine usually did this same thing in the mornings when it was humid or after a rain. If this is the case with yours it may be the ignition coil. They are common failures. I have put 4 of them on the 7 1993-1998 golfs that I have owned.
i had the same problem, it turned out to be a sensor, accelaration? im not a 100% sure, but somethig like that