Hesitation on 2003 Honda Element

When I am doing around 40 mph and apply the gas it hesitates. Honda has said that these vehicle hardly ever need a fuel filter. What is the issue?

by in Fishers, IN on September 15, 2009
1 answer
ANSWER by on September 16, 2009
A hesitation could be from a number of things, and is usually not from a blocked fuel filter. There are sensors that could cause this issue (O2, TPS, MAP) as well as components that could do the same (EGR, Intake, variable valve timing) that are on the engine side but also there could be something going on with the automatic transmission (if it is an automatic). It's important to be able to duplicate the concern consistently to allow a qualified technician the ability to check the vehicle out when it's acting up. Unfortunately there are too many things that could cause a hesitation to properly diagnose the vehicle over the internet.
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