Hesitation on 1995 Volvo 850

My volvo starts to hesitate or stall while accelerating down the road. Acts like its sputtering when I give it gas.

by in New Braunfels, TX on May 04, 2011
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ANSWER by on May 04, 2011
There are quite a few possibilities for your problem but from what your describing this is what I would do: Pull DTC (diagnostic trouble codes) off the DLC A2 (it's located under the hood next to the washer solvent neck, take the little wire and plug that into the hole then press the button once, watch and count the blinking LED, there are 3 numbers in the set with a pause in between.) With that said, if you get a code 1-2-1, then it's your air mass meter that's causing the hesitation or stalling while accelerating. If not, hook up a fuel gas gauge and measure the fuel pressure make sure it's about 35 psi, if it's ridiculous low then fuel pump might be failing or weak. We'll start with that first, good luck, -Sam
COMMENT by on May 05, 2011
Thanks Sam, I'll go ahead & try those two options. Appreciate the information. Let you know what happens. Jason.
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