hesitates when you floor it in nuetral or driving hard. on 1995 Ford Probe

when you floor the gas the car hesitates put on new mass air flow sensor and cold air intake and got less but it still hesitates , change the plugs to split fires still a little hesitation when you floor it. Starts great high rpm right off then steadily drops to 3-500 and stays perfect. If you hammer the pedal down it hesitates for a sec. In neutral. If your racing it power band is fine but at low end of each gear it hesitates then goes l. Its fast still just got this small hesitation when it goes wide open. I was thinking upgrade in ignition or throttle body but to confused. What's wrong?

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Split fires? First...install quality plugs...stick with the original equipment Motorcraft, for example. It's not the problem with your hesitation, but may become one.

Hesitations are typically due to vacuum leaks, air intake leaks, sticking throttle body, idle air control valve sticking or issues, exhaust restrictions...
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Your car might be equipped with a rpm limiter to prevent blowing the motor up.