HELP!!!I have a water leak somewhere behind the motor and don't know what it is on 1997 Pontiac Grand Am

Water is pouring out in a slight stream but running down off of the oil pan... Cant tell where it is coming from but when I park it seems 2 drain a lot of water so I keep filling it up and don't drive far...The gauge does not say that its over heating and it aint smoking... The water in the overflow is boiling though enough 2 make somewhat of a thumping sound that u can hear if u pop the hood...Anyone know what these possibilities are?

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Possible water pump leaking, on a 2.4 it is on the back side of the engine! Check for that. Then have the thermostat replaced as well. Check to make sure the radiator cooling fans are working. Possible it's just overflow from a stuck t-stat or inop. fans.
Thank u I will check that out
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sounds almost like a frost plug has popped out. don't drive it until fixed
thing is it don't leak all the time... I drove 30-40 mins today and when I parked it leaked... we tried 2 see if it was a hose or what but impossible 2 see without lifting so I drove it back home 30-40 mins and it didn't leak at all... did the same thing the other day... drove 15 mins parked and it leaked then did the same later and it did nothing